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The tsunami simulation software Geowave is a self-contained, open source, fully nonlinear, fully dispersive, 4th order Boussinesq model with earthquake, landslide, and volcanic tsunami sources developed and managed in part by applied fluids engineering, inc. and distributed according to the GNU General Public License.

By downloading Geowave, you agree to be bound by the GNU General Public License. Geowave has been in public use for around 8 years, and has been distributed to more than a dozen countries and 40 research groups around the world. Despite its age, the model has an excellent track record of accurate tsunami simulations when applied properly.

To read the GNU General Public License CLICK HERE.

To download Geowave version 1.1 (5 Mb) CLICK HERE.

Here are some important facts about Geowave:

1. Geowave does not have any tuning knobs. The parameter values used within Geowave have been optimized for tsunamis, and all parameter values have remained the same from the very inception of Geowave.

2. Geowave does not have any sponge layer reflection problems. For a proper number of nodes per wavelength, wave reflections off sponge layer boundaries should be limited to around a few percent of maximum tsunami amplitude.

3. Geowave does in fact consider the motion of landslides. Landslide motion is determined by the same physical parameters as tsunami generation, and the landslide motion is properly described in Geowave outputs.

4. FUNWAVE with slot method runup has failed one validation problem. The water wave model in Geowave is called FUNWAVE, and it does a poor job for runup on the back side of an island located at the end of a peninsula.

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